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Should bra-fitting guidance and breast health be taught as part of PSHE at school?

Posted on March 20, 2014 by Karan Hopkinson | 1 comment

Growing girls have many questions that they want answering, particularly during puberty. I know this not only because of my daughter's experience, but also because of the girls I have taught. As changes occur they have concerns or worries as to what will happen to their bodies next. These feelings are quite natural, but very often parents find it difficult to ensure that they give the right information appropriate to the age of their child.


We teach them to understand about bodies in relation to periods, however anything boob related seems to be avoided. Why? With over 85% of women not wearing the correct bra, girls experiencing embarrassment at a sensitive age and increasing concerns about cosmetic surgery enhancements and understanding early signs of breast cancer - should bra-fitting guidance and breast health be taught as part of PSHE at school?

Bra-fitting is no different to measuring feet, as early advice on correct fitting can help to protect against breast tissue damage, improve posture-related health and well-being, as well as self-esteem. Feedback from recent research I carried out with girls aged 16 to 18 overly suggests that it should be covered at school as part of their PSHE lessons. They suggested that the information was relevant and would have helped them with any questions or insecurities they had early on. Current advice is to get professionally fitted, however for many girls at this stage of their development they are too embarrassed to discuss this with parents, let alone be measured by a complete stranger, who sometimes can be insensitive to their needs or requirements.

Other areas of the curriculum can suffer too, as a number of girls’ drop-out of physical education due to embarrassment or being uncomfortable.

What do you think? Should bra-fitting guidance and breast health be embedded into the PSHE curriculum for our girls? Write your comment below, I'd be interested to know your views.

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  • Sarah

    Am no expert on bra’s but am a huge advocate of wearing the right underwear. Its amazing the difference that correctly fitting underwear makes to the overall appearance of our clothing. Important for confidence I think!


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